Week 3: Trouble in Taurus

willb/ February 18, 2020/ astronomy 341/ 0 comments

This past week it was valentines day, and I wanted to make something pretty, so I made a preliminary three color image of our HL Tau field, which includes L1551 (a really pretty molecular cloud) and a handful of Herbig Haro (HH) objects, which are dramatic outflows, jets, and other signs of star forming activity. More on that later in

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Week 2: Overscan, don’t overthink

willb/ February 11, 2020/ astronomy 341/ 2 comments

This week we were tasked with correcting our images for bias. I wrote first about what bias is and why it’s important. Here I’ll discuss my pseudocode and present my bias correction function. Biasing is an electronics term that describes the application of a voltage/current to a circuit or piece of circuit to create more optimal operating conditions. As a

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Week 1: Across the sky, half a degree at a time

willb/ February 3, 2020/ astronomy 341/ 2 comments

Once I blazed across the sky, Leaving trails of flame; I fell to earth, and here I lie – Who’ll help me up again? A Shooting Star, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Orion was always the easiest constellation for me to pick out; up in the winter, where the clouds in the Pacific Northwest might clear for a few days at

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