William is an undergraduate astronomer and text-adventure author. They co-directed a theatre production of LOL: A Modern Computer Farce at the Shoebox Theater in their hometown Portland, OR (Multnomah/Clackamas territory) where they worked for a garden and landscaping company before attending college. Sometimes, they take photos. They wrote a game about cats.

They now attend Amherst College (Nonotuck/Pocumtuck territory) where they’ve decided (perhaps against better judgement) to double major in astronomy and physics. They’re writing an honors thesis in astronomy. They’re a research assistant in the Follette Lab at Amherst College, and have worked previously in the SIOS Lab at Cornell University. They work as a teaching assistant for the observational astronomy (ASTR 337, 341) courses offered at Amherst College. After leaving Amherst they intend to pursue graduate studies in observational astronomy. You can read about their work in detail here.

You can contact William via email: wobalmer (at) gmail dot com

Their resume can be found in html here.

Last updated: 12/6/2020

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