William is an undergraduate astronomer, bead worker, table-top gamer, incredibly amateur photographer, and casual cyclist. They’ve circumvented the need to develop a distinct personality by amassing a large number of nintendo games. They produced and co-directed a theatre production of LOL: A Modern Computer Farce at the Shoebox Theater in their hometown Portland, OR (unceded Multnomah/Chinook territory) where they worked for a garden and landscape supplier before attending college. They’re currently attending Amherst College (unceded Nonotuck/Pocumtuck territory) where they’ve declared a double major in Astronomy and Physics. They’re a research assistant in the Follette Lab, working under their advisor Dr. Katherine Follette to directly image forming exoplanets; after leaving Amherst they hope to attend an observational astronomy graduate program.

You can contact me via email at wb@astrowill.page