astro will

short for astronomy william o balmer ;~)


as-tro-pho-tog-ra-phy ăs″trō-fə-tŏg′rə-fē noun
photography involving astronomical objects and events

I love telescopes, and when I’m not using them to conduct my research I take every opportunity I have to make pretty pictures with them. It’s mostly for my own edification.

If you’d like a high-res copy of any of these images, please reach out to me at wbalmer1 (at) jhu (dot) edu

iTelescope Remote Observatories

During the epoch of remote learning, the upper level observational astronomy class I TA’d at Amherst College moved to using pay-to-use remote observatories owned by the iTelescope company. The school gave our class an inordinate amount of time on these scopes, and so once the students were finished with their projects, I started using the telescope time to do astrophotography. Here’s some of those results!

Maryland Space Grant Observatory

I’m just beginning to get a feel for the rooftop telescope at JHU, and I’ve written a few posts about my time there (here, and here)

Amherst College Observatory

In my time at Amherst I got acquainted with the ACO Beta telescope, and have been able to use it to do some modest astrophotography. Pretty understaffed, ACO isn’t the most high-tec observatory out there, but we’ve been able to get some neat shots even if our stars aren’t perfectly circular 😉

WIYN 0.9m

In January of 2020 I travelled to Kitt Peak National Observatory to use the WIYN 0.9m telescope for a research project. For that project I observed a young star forming region in Taurus, and was able to stack my data to create these cool shots of the L1551 cloud, and a handful of Herbig-Haro objects in the field.