Welcome to my webpage! There’s plenty I keep tucked away here, you just have to know where to look. A while ago I made this carousel of inspiring quotes from smart people; the intention is to get you to associate their smartness with my digital presence.


If you want to know more about me, head over to the about page. You can see my face there, and there’s a nice picture of me looking in your direction, you can use that to practice waving to catch my attention, so that you’re warmed up when we meet in person.

To read my blog posts, you can visit the log page. If you want to keep track of the games I’ve written, they’re listed on the games page. I also have links to my social media, github, linkedin, and wishlists/donations in the footer of this page. Give ’em a sniff if you’re so inclined.

Above all else, enjoy your stay here. The seas of the internet can be rocky but my virtual lagoon is calm and cool this time of year.