python, paths, and anaconda – prepare to astronomize

willb/ July 13, 2019/ Research Blog/ 2 comments

This is a short series I’m writing to document how I’ve set up my PC to work with the GAPlanetS pipeline (and follette lab’s more generally). This is written for an incoming lab audience, but may be insightful for citizen scientists or undergraduate astronomers interested in using and exploring python. Installing python via anaconda The anaconda distribution is a suite

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a solstice party

willb/ July 6, 2019/ Personal/ 1 comments

i meant to post these earlier, but these are some photos i took during our lab’s solstice cookie baking party two weeks ago. remember to enjoy the daylight while it lasts 🙂


willb/ July 5, 2019/ Personal, Research Blog/ 0 comments

on workflow and production in my limited research experience. i’ve been thinking today (day two of a four day holiday weekend) about my process. since attending amherst i’ve struggled a lot with schoolwork; mental health being my largest hurdle. after 1½ go rounds doing summer research, interspersed with a part-time research job in the same lab during the school year,

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willb/ July 3, 2019/ Personal

Earlier this week I finished a new beaded bracelet using two holed seed beads; their shape made them especially easy to construct using the peyote stitch, which was coincidentally the first off-loom technique I was taught. The color palette of the beads is absolutely gorgeous. It’s been a short week, July 4th being tomorrow, so while everyone has left for

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