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  • my third paper: is it a planet? (no)

    my third paper: is it a planet? (no)

    My third academic paper (that is, the third peer-reviewed research article I’ve written as the lead author) was accepted for publication today in The Astronomical Journal, and is publicly available on arXiv. Similar to my second paper, this result describes our observations of a failed star (a.k.a. a “substellar object”, or “brown dwarf”) that is…

  • november visit to germany

    november visit to germany

    i’ve spent the past two weeks on a work trip to germany, first to heidelberg for two back to back workshops, and then to munich (garching, really) to collaborate at the european southern observatory (eso), who run the paranal observatory in chile i visited last year. now, i’m back in baltimore and enjoying the company…

  • the fellowship of the observatory

    the fellowship of the observatory

    in which i reveal to those interested baltimorians the nature of the cosmos. and now my watch is over.

  • desert power, mountain time

    desert power, mountain time

    in which I travel to an observatory and have a good time