DELvE: a short story about feelings and d&d

I’ve just published my new game over at! You can catch the links to my other games on my games page, and donate to support these projects via I’ve copied the description of DELvE below, in case you’re interested!

This game is a short text-adventure that moves between first and second person perspective, a reflection on a dungeons and dragons game  I've been running for my friends since the beginning of college. Now  that we're graduating, I used this medium to express some (a paltry few)  of my feelings pertaining to the game. I also wanted to express my deep  gratitude to my friends, not just for playing the campaign with me, but  for being their amazing selves. 

The game uses twine, specifically the paloma style by m. c. de marco and some of the examples from the snowman documentation. If you enjoyed this work, consider supporting me (by downloading the game file and donating) or the creators of paloma & snowman.






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