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  • citizen sleeper is my salve

    citizen sleeper is my salve

    I’ve anticipated the release of Citizen Sleeper, the second game by developer Jump Over the Age and published by Fellow Traveler, since its first teaser was released. I anticipated it because Jump Over the Age’s first game, In Other Waters quite literally changed my life. Citizen Sleeper might do it again.

  • DELvE: a short story about feelings and d&d

    DELvE: a short story about feelings and d&d

    I’ve just published my new game! DELvE is a short text-adventure that moves between first and second person perspective, a reflection on a dungeons and dragons game I’ve been running for my friends since the beginning of college.

  • my horrifying, existentialist roleplaying experience with AIDungeon2

    Many have reported goofy, serene, or intense adventures. I experienced the neurasthenia of a peasant in a kafkaesque spiral. Your results may vary.

  • You Are Petting a Cat (game)

    You Are Petting a Cat (game)

    This game sprung from my passion for petting cats and playing tabletop roleplaying games. I think the 2nd person perspective is criminally underused, and I tried to do it some justice here. I hope you enjoy 🙂

  • fly trap (game)

    Fly trap began yesterday, by which I mean I wrote it last night. I’m considering expanding on it, potentially with the help of some friends, but for now you can play the game on (below). The story was written in twine and you can see the source code (my single html file) here. Hope…