Willb/ July 3, 2019/ personal

Earlier this week I finished a new beaded bracelet using two holed seed beads; their shape made them especially easy to construct using the peyote stitch, which was coincidentally the first off-loom technique I was taught. The color palette of the beads is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s been a short week, July 4th being tomorrow, so while everyone has left for their independence festivities I’m planning on lazing about my summer dorm for the extended weekend. I don’t know how robust this blog will become, I might end up putting my current research blog up here, or just typing out sporadic updates when I’m feeling particularly lost.

Whatever happens, here’s to beginnings 🙂

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I'm Will, an undergraduate astronomer studying transition disks, direct imaging, and planet accretion and formation at the Follette Lab at Amherst College. I use they/them/theirs pronouns.